The Afterlife – Hells Oddities

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The Afterlife

Customer Photos 

Turtle skull in glass antique frame

 k-9 necklace and toe bone earrings 

siamese kitten wet specimen 

coffin framed rabbit skull 

bone jar 

beaver mandible wall hanger

framed muskrat skull (first ever commission!)

beaver tooth and red dyed quartz ‘moon necklace’

hamster wet specimen 

aquamarine duck skull 

painted roadkill and amethyst deer 

asymmetrical golden tooth earring set

framed real spider web and red spider 

animal vertebrae necklace 

turtle jaw and tooth necklaces 

framed pheasant foot 

pink teeth necklaces 

deer tail bone tunnels 

amethyst framed turtle jaw 

framed muskrat mandible