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Biohazard mystery bone candle | BANANA NUT BREAD

Biohazard mystery bone candle | BANANA NUT BREAD

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Banana nut bread scented 

100% natural soy wax 

wooden wicks

8 ounce candle 

mystery bone wrapped inside of foil within candle 

metal reusable tin 

bone may be : small mammal vertebrae, leg bones, scapula, pelvis or other assorted small bone. 

what you need to know about soy wax candles:

soy wax is a natural wax option for candles made from soybeans. soy wax candles burn cleaner and slower than standard paraffin candles. 

burn your candle for around 4-5 hours each burn to ensure the wax reaches each corner and doesn’t tunnel. keeping your burning time at around 4-5 hours also helps  maintain the longevity of the candles scent. 

what are these white spots on my candle? since soy wax is a natural wax, it tends to form white crystalline layers along the surface once cured. it is 100% normal and does not effect the candles burn or scent.

when i blew my candle out, it dried uneven and bumpy, why? uneven and bumpy surfaces while curing is caused by the wax cooling at an uneven rate, it is 100% normal and will resolve itself once burnt again. it does not effect the burn time or scent of the candle. 

what you need to know about the mystery bone : 

the 8oz candles are the only ones that will contain a mystery bone. these bones need to be small enough to safely fit into the candles. do not expect a huge bone, these bones will be sourced from small mammals such as squirrels, moles, rats, mice, beaver etc. bones it could include would be : vertebrae, leg bones, scapula, etc or even a larger mammal tooth! 

the bone will be wrapped and foil and float to the top. the foil will be hot so please take caution when removing and unwrapping the bone. we are still working diligently and preforming trial and error on how to successfully wrap the bone as safely as possible and to not let any wax get to the bone. over the course of our tests it’s around 70/30 on bones safe and bones that got wax on them. 

if your bone does get wax on it, let dry and carefully buff off any of the wax, if you have any other issues please contact me through the email linked under the contact me tab. 


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HellsOddities is a cruelty free and ethically sourced oddities shop, to read up more on the sourcing and obtaining of specimens and or other animal remains products please check out the FAQ 

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refunds,exchanges,or cancellations of orders. With that being said we strive for 100% customer satisfaction so if there is something wrong with your order please don’t hesitate to contact me by clicking the contact tab and sending me an email.

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