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Hells Oddities

NEW! Oddities mystery box BALL (read description)

NEW! Oddities mystery box BALL (read description)

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price is for one ball 

ball will include a piece of paper with an item written on it 

every ball scoop will be posted to tiktok @HellsOddities with the order number in the caption

quantity ordered = how many balls scooped you will receive the items written inside 

items may be less than, equal to, or greater than $7 

items may include 


bone jars 



small skulls 

octopus tentacle wet specimen



sea shells

shell necklaces

tooth necklaces

raw, tumbled, cluster crystals

vintage 1800s photographs


fossils including dinosaur bones 

shark teeth 

shark tooth necklace 

tooth ring 

beetle jar 

butterfly wing jar 

snake shed jar 

snake shed tower 

feathers big and small depending on bird (all within MBTA) 

large 6inch porcupine quill 

small 1inch porcupine quill jars 

bunny foot 

dental X-ray 

dental photographs 

bee jar 

and much more added weekly! 

if you’d be unhappy with any items listed in this description, please do not order as i will not rescoop based off any notes left on order.



oddities instagram : @HellsOddities 

digital art instagram : @DigitalResurrections

HellsOddities is a cruelty free and ethically sourced oddities shop, to read up more on the sourcing and obtaining of specimens and or other animal remains products please check out the FAQ 

HellsOddities does not offer the following:

refunds,exchanges,or cancellations of orders. With that being said we strive for 100% customer satisfaction so if there is something wrong with your order please don’t hesitate to contact me by clicking the contact tab and sending me an email.

If you would like your review and picture featured on our Review Highlights on the front page, send over an email as well! Thank you. 



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