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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you source your bones?

My bones are sourced from numerous different places like; found bones, donated to me, byproduct from hunters who solely hunt for food (not sport), population control, or nuisance/invasive species that are humanely euthanized. I also source bones from people selling off collection and deceased pets donated to me. If you find or have bones you’d like to donate, send me an email!

Where do you source specimens for mummification or wet specimen preservation? 

A lot of times if I have the full details of a specimen's backstory, I will include specifics in the description of the post/listing! As that’s not always the case when finding roadkill or since donating beloved pets to my work is often hard for some to talk about and out of respect for previous owners some may not want their stories shared. My specimens are mainly sourced from donation from owners, I do also get DOA specimens from local pet stores, ethical animal breeders (mainly reptiles). I have also sourced wet specimens from nuisance/food/population control hunting and euthanasia like I mentioned before with the bones. I even source from passed pets of mine since I rescue reptiles and sometimes, they don’t always make it (I’ve slowed down on rescuing and may stop for a while as it is a lot of work, and I don’t have as much free time as I used to.) 

Where do you get your Butterflies/Insects?

Majority of my insects and inverts are sourced through online sites that breed and raise them for conservation! I do also find insects/inverts/butterflies outside often as well as local friends who will find them and bring them to me!

Do you take commissions or Memorial Pieces?

At this time my commissions are closed until further notice. I simply have just become too busy to fulfill commissions in a timely manner on top of all the other work I am actively doing.  

Is there anywhere we can purchase your work in person? 

yes! I currently sell my work out of storm witch and Bewitched, both in Denton, Texas. They are both restocked monthly. I am also actively working on a collection for Horror Freak in Bedford, Texas as well. You can also find me at markets, keep up to date through my Instagram on upcoming events!

Where do you ship to?

Due to legal reasons, currently all items are available in the United States. Candles and wax melts are available in the US, UK and Canada!