About the store:

Hells Oddities is an ethically sourced unique bone jewelry brand, specializing in pieces made with small skulls, assorted vertebrae as well as teeth. All info on sourcing can be found on our website under the sourcing FAQ. Owned and operated by one person started in November 2020. I pride my work in being an all ethically sourced oddities artist. My goal with my work is to give the dead another life through my work. 

About the artist:
My name is Hellie Horror and I use any pronouns. I am 21 years old and have always had a love for oddities. I started to make my own as a hobby which turned into HellsOddities and is now my full time job. Although I love the work I make, I personally prefer to collect Gaffs and fossils! My favorite piece currently in my collection is my one eyed Fiji mermaid that I named Persephone. I am also a part time dark portrait art/concert photographer and I am based out of North, Texas. When I’m not working I am spending time with my kitties or playing with my puppy goblin and working on personal projects! 

Contact information: 

please only contact in regards to genuine questions, product questions/issues.

Commissions are closed. 

Email: HellsOddities@gmail.com

Oddities Instagram: HellsOddities

Person Instagram: HellieHorror