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Hells Oddities

small 6pc mystery box

small 6pc mystery box

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6pc small sized oddities mystery box 

picture is just an EXAMPLE you will receive a similar box

could include:
-assorted tumbled crystals
-assorted raw crystals
-amethyst clusters
-tooth xrays
-small and large druzy geodes
-assorted fossils with info
-assorted feather (duck,rooster,pheasant,turkey)
-bone jar
-butterfly wing jar
-porcupine quill jar
-snake shed jar
-shark teeth
-beaver teeth
-misc. bones
-beaver mandible
-deer mandible
-bunny foot
-bunny foot keychain
-dental photos
and more!

if you would not be happy with any of the listed items, please do not purchase. i will not be fulfilling any special requests on what to/not to put in the mystery boxes. 

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